Schluchten ohne Fenster
The Berlin webdesign company with the lizard logo.
Berlin on Bike!
Lone Biky
Guided bike tours of Berlin are the latest craze. Through good marketing and exciting tours, in three years we have built a sightseeing company serving more than 10,000 customers annually.
Stadtlust Berlin
Die Stadt der Lust
Moonlighting job in which I created the original site for a student sightseeing company.
Offline Marketing
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You can not always stare at screens. That is why we have propaganda in real life too!


In the beginning...

As a former East German at the age of 13, I was exposed to a few dinosaur Robotrons at the community Pioneer House. I learned to program in Basic and played Cave before graduating to a Commodore 64.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

After 1989, a couple of friends and I began a start-up Internet Campaign to provide every German a computer for less then 1000 dm (roughly $600). One of our advertising strategies was, a website for the savvy drinker, where I learned the ins and outs of databases.

University 1990s

I gained rudimentary knowledge of HTML, Java, SQL and PHP in my IT Economics program at the Humboldt University, Berlin.

21st Century Man

Berlin on Bike! A buddy and I grew this side business of 16 bikes to a legit company serving over 10,000 customers by 2006. It was my first big success in understanding the power of digital marketing, sealing my fate as a professional web programmer.