About Minneapolis Photojournalism

The Best In American Photojournalism

Drawing from three storied backgrounds, these three photographers, Mark, Tobin and Ted, made the decision to come together in 2008 to represent the best in American photojournalism.

Minnesota Photojournalism, is a collective in the tradition of Magnum Photographers. The sensibility and style of these three photographers has been crafted by years of award winning photo documentary. With almost 60 years of combined documentary experience, the Minnesota Photojournalism collective is a powerhouse of creative energy. Each photographer, while having their own style, adheres to a principled storytelling approach in their event work. The goal for each of us is to show what happened, how people felt, how people looked and what the event felt like.

Photographs For Maximum Impact

High Quality Wedding Imagery

And it's always a goal to direct photographs only for maximum impact and when it is necessary, such as in formals for the family.

These photographers have worked independently for many years, delivering the best high quality wedding imagery to many happy clients. To come together as a group offers Minnesota Photojournalism the exciting opportunity to introduce cutting edge documentary photography to a growing demographic of young Minnesotans interested in the action and the excitement of documentary photography.

While there exists the impression in much of the public candid photography is simply a matter of pressing the shutter at odd moments, inspired documentation uses available light, backgrounds, compositions, mobile artificial light, radio slaves, digital cameras - and perhaps most important - an eye with documentary vision - which edits out moments which do not 'read' and rather goes for moments that quintessentially describe great moment after great moment.

Masters Of Documentary Photography In Minnesota

This kind of skill and training that cannot be learned overnight, it takes years to master. What Minnesota Photojournalism offers is an interface and a way to learn about, appreciate and hire three of the top masters of documentary photography in Minnesota.

We hope you enjoy what your seeing. We sure do.