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On our photo tutorial pages we will write about new trends in photography and the basic in photojournalism. How to become a photojournalist? What is f-stop? And how to create stunning action photos with green screen photography?

Green Screen Photography

Photographer Ted Hall explains how to take stunning action photos

photograph of a flying woman taken with green screen photographyTed Hall has been working with Sci-Fi authors and filmmakers, Jeffrey Morris and Fredrick Haugen, on their highly anticipated new project, “Slingshot”.

The project is currently being produced as a graphic novel. In order to create both “lunar noir” portraits and zero g (gravity) scenes, Ted employed the green screen at his studio. Here, he was able to direct and photograph an amazing array of scenarios.

After getting the photography just right, Jeffrey and Fredrick handed the images off to their art department. Here classic sketch artists and digital painters work together to enhance and meld the images.

The final result is a beautiful mix between realism and high end graphic novel art. Please check out samples at:!

More photography tutorials are coming soon.